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Bail Bonds Process

How does the Bail Bondsman Process work?

Bail bonding is a needed service otherwise innocent people would be rotting in jail. You never know when you or your loved one will be at odds with the law. So, how do you acquire a bail bondsman? We have broken the bail bonds process down;

  • Find a quality licensed bail bondsman in Charlotte NC: everyone out there can NOT get you a bond. You need a registered agent to get you out. Champion Bail Bonding is reliable and can to you through the process to get you out of jail.
  • Fill out and sign the bail bonds application. The bail bonds application is available online and we can guide you through the application process.
  • Paying the fee: you pay the amount of the bond. Do not worry; you shall get your full amount back after the court makes a ruling. We only charge a few dimes for our services.
  • Posting the bond: we will come to jail on your behalf and post the bond. That is when you will be able to get out of jail and be set free from your jail cell.


Requirements for the Bail Bonds Process

  • Name and date of birth
  • Court Date
  • City and State
  • Bond Amount
  • Cosigner information
  • and more…
  • Here is the online application


Quick Tips on a Successful Bail Bonds

  1. Only seek the services of a licensed bail bonds agent
  2. Before signing anything, read and understand the terms and conditions of the agreement
  3. Get receipts for all related charges
  4. Make copies of each document

Choosing the professionals at Champion Bail Bonding will help make the bail bonds process much easier. Our bail bondsmen are experienced and know the in’s and out’s of the bail bonds process.
We will explain everything thoroughly and help you get through this difficult time. Call Champion Bail Bonding TODAY! We want to be your go Charlotte Bail Bonds Company. A bail bond specialist is standing by to assist you at (704) 900-6099. CALL NOW!