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Can a Bail Bondsman Revoke a Bond for Non-Payment?


Can a Bail Bondsman Revoke a Bond?

bail bondsman revoke bail for non payment
As much as a bail is a right given to every individual by the constitution, it should be noted that staying out once one has been bailed isn’t a constitutional right.
This therefore means that the defendant should be very careful once they’ve been bailed out to prepare for the case while enjoying their work, family and normal life.
Many people wonder whether it is possible for a bondsman to revoke their bond due to non-payment. If someone fails to pay the bail bond fees agreed upon, the bondsman isn’t in a position to revoke their bond.
This is due to the fact that, there should be a court hearing whereby the judge can grant revocation prior to bond revoking.
At the court, the defendant can be in a position to present testimony and evidence in opposition. Therefore it is important to hire the services of a defense attorney for representation in a court of law. Otherwise, one can seek the services of public defendants.
As much as bondsmen can’t revoke someone’s bond, they are able to release a bond if someone fails to abide by their bond’s provision or in the event they break their commitment with the bondsman.
Once the bondsman has released the bond, the defendant should consider making bond again, but this time with someone else. It is important to ensure that bondsmen are kept happy or maybe work hard to ensure that a case has been resolved to discourage being out on bond.

Situations that can lead to Bond Revoking

The law makes the bondsman the jailer of the defendant. For this reason, a bail bond company can revoke the bond of a particular individual due to some circumstances.
In most cases, bond revoking occurs when defendants fail to fulfill their responsibilities as ordered by the court or when they fail to follow agreements with bondsmen during bail exchange.
It should be noted that every state has its own regulations put in place to allow bondsmen to revoke bonds and consequently return the defendant to jail.
Courts can as well revoke bails if an individual is discovered not adhering to the release terms.
If someone involves themselves in risky personal conduct, the possibility of their bond being revoked is very high. One instance is if the defendant travels out of state, applies for a visa, or contacts witnesses.
Other instances include when defendants participate in illegal activities or engage in risky activities, the bondsman can revoke their bail in an effort to lessen their financial exposure.
When a bondsman writes a bond, they assume the role of a jailer and they are ultimately responsible for the activities of the defendant. For that reason, a reputable bail bond company will be very careful when it comes to bond writing.
This is because; a small financial exposure can have a large impact. If a particular defendant skips paying their bond, the bondsman has the option of catching the person, this can be very expensive, in order to bring them back to court or they can force them pay the whole bond amount.

Bail Revocation is Costly

Once a bail has been revoked, the defendant can be sent back to jail. This may as well lead to the loss of the bail bond money.
It is important to note that, a bail fee makes part of a bail bond contract. Going as per the contract, the full fee is earned once the defendant has been released from jail. This means that, it has to be paid no matter the conviction, charging, or bail revocation of the defendant.
In the situation the agreement terms has been violated when an individual is out of bail, or bondsman or court revocation of the bond, the bailing company has no obligation of refunding the bail fee.
If defendant needs to be out on bond once again, they should consider going for a new contract and pay bail fee.


It is wise for the defendant to understand fully both the court terms for their release as well as the bond bail contract terms.
This is a great way to ensure that they don’t break any rules and regulations for a lack of knowledge. The fact that a bondsman, by the help of the court can revoke a bond if the defendant fails to make payments shows that by all means the defendant stands to lose.
One should always consider talking to their bondsman to square things out. If you need bail bonds service in the following areas; don’t hesitate to reach out to Champion Bail Bonding – Charlotte, Maryland, Winston Salem, Greensboro, Concord, or Raleigh or call 704-900-6099!

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  1. Henry says:

    My down payment has been made for my bail now I am a week late on my monthly payment. I told the bail bondsman that I will pay it in one week now the bail bondsman is saying that if I don’t pay now they’re going to revoke my bail. Is that possible?

  2. Alexis says:

    If you post bond the first time and less than a week you are back in jail and got a new bond do you have to still pay you old bond?

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