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What You Absolutely Can’t Miss About Cash Bonds in Charlotte, NC

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The Compact Guide to Cash Bonds – For Those Who Need It

For anyone who lands in jail in Charlotte, the first thing that comes to mind is how to get out of jail fast. The basic step to get out of jail is to post a bail. Sure, you may have known what bail bonds are but you will never understand how they work or what you should expect until you or anyone close to you is arrested.


There are many types of bail bonds available in Charlotte: cash, surety, personal, property, citation release, recognizance release, federal, immigration, and others. These bail bond types are all good release options but you will never know which is applicable until you know how each works.


Getting a cash bond in Charlotte is considered the simplest and provides clear-cut means of release. The amount of cash to be given as full payment for this type of bail bond is usually set by the arraigning judge. Cash bonds are paid directly to the courts.


Unlike other types of bail bonds, cash bonds are required by the judge if the defendant has higher chances of not appearing in court. or if he/she has already failed to appear during a scheduled hearing. That is why cash bonds are known as financial guarantee.

How Can You Benefit from a Cash Bond?

Aside from getting out of jail fast, there are many advantages of cash bonds as compared to the other types of bonds.


  • Easy – with cash bonds, there’s no complicated paperwork or transactions. You just pay the cash and you will be out of jail in no time.


  • Money-back – one of the best things about cash bonds is that the amount of money you used to pay your bail can be returned. They just have to deduct court fees and other minor costs.


  • No need to contact a surety company – No additional steps needed. You pay, you get out of jail.


However, the major drawback of cash bonds is the amount of money involved. Most often than not, cash bonds require a large amount of money.


Most people do not have the amount of money needed for a cash bond. That is where a bail bond company comes in, such as Champion Bail Bonding.


Champion Bail Bonding provides quality bail bonds services that are considered one of the best in Charlotte, NC.


We provide top-notch services to help you or your loved one gain their freedom back. Our team of professionals have intensive experience in bail bonds services for all types of criminal offenses.

Things to Remember

Despite the simplicity and straightforward manner of cash bonds in Charlotte, there are a few pointers you must remember.


1. Show up in Court


It does not necessarily mean that just because you are out of jail you will neglect your responsibility of appearing in court.


When you, as the defendant, failed to appear before the court, the court will forfeit your cash bond.


The court will schedule a hearing regarding forfeiture of the bail. The court will also issue warrant of arrest.


2. Pay your Bondsman


In cases where cash bonds have been paid by the bondsmen, the defendant must pay the bondsmen back. At some point, a collateral is made to ensure that the defendant will return the money loaned.


When you’re in Charlotte and you find yourself in a situation that the only legal remedy is to post a cash bond, contact Champion Bail Bonding today and we will do the rest.