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Expedite Bail Bonds Process with 8 Easy Steps

expedite bail bonds process

Step-by-Step Guide to Speed up the Bail Bonds Process

If you have ever had the opportunity to talk to someone who went to jail, you probably know that it’s a place no one likes to be.


Apart from the harassment surrounding jail time, the entire experience may take an extreme toll on the arrestee’s physical and mental health and leave them scarred forever.


Having to see a loved one go through such a traumatic experience or going through it yourself is not only heartbreaking but also involves legal complications regarding bail bonds that may be hard to tackle alone.


This step-by-step guide will teach you how you can expedite the bail bonds process and get your loved one out of jail as quick as possible.


8 Steps on How to Speed up the Bail Bonds Process



After you find out that your friend, relative, or any loved one is in jail, your first objective would be to remain calm and locate a bail bond agency like Champion Bail Bonding.


Individual bail bondsmen are more proficient in dealing with individual cases than others. Having a bail bond provider will help you get the process started and resolve issues quickly.




Once you’ve located a bail bond agency, get in touch with them immediately either through phone or their website. Don’t worry; like Champion Bail Bonding, most bail bond agencies are open 24/7, and their services will be immediately at your disposal as soon as you need them.


The key here is not to waste time because your loved one may be languishing in jail.


champion bail bonding




Once the bail bond agent and you have met, they will ask you about numerous details regarding the arrestee’s full legal name, date of birth, the charge of the arrest, location where the detainee is being held, bail amount, etc.


It’s important that you answer all these questions with complete honesty and to the best of your knowledge.


Typically with most bail bond companies they will have a website, where you can go to and speed up the information collection process by filling out an application.




The schedule will determine how much you have to pay, and it largely varies according to the registered offense.

It’s always a good idea to have money ready because you’ll have to pay eventually. This will also make the work of your bondsman easier and help them expedite the bail bonds process with greater efficiency.




If the detainee has been processed, you can find out the required bail amount. Here is a list of the different types of bail bonds.

If you hired a bail bondsman, depending on the location, you will be asked to pay a percentage of the total sum of the bond. Bail Bond premiums in North Carolina are up to 15% of full amount of bond. This is the greatest benefit of a bail bond agency as you may immediately not have the money to pay.


For examplesuppose you cannot pay the bond amount set at $5000 in cash; if you have a bondsman, they will secure the release by paying the amount upfront. Later the bondsman may charge you, say around 15% or more premium on the total amount for their services rendered when you’re finally ready to pay the entire amount.





Proper communication and availability are crucial in these trying times because a single missed call or failure to communicate properly may lead to difficulties in expediting the bail bond process.


Always keep your phone handy and expect to receive a call from your bail bondsman anytime of the day. Remember, it’s important that you prioritize getting your loved one out of jail as soon as possible.




Throughout all of the steps mentioned above, patience and your willingness to cooperate will have a significant effect on the expediting the bail bonds process.


Since detention and court facilities have busy telephone lines and many things to process, a bondsman may be able to pull a few strings and prioritize your case as long as you stay patient and communicative.




If at any point in time you feel that you’re being subjected to unjust treatment, you may need to contact a lawyer to sort things out. Just remember not to act out due to the sudden surge of emotions, and you’ll be fine.


know your rights




Getting someone out of jail can itself be a harrowing experience, let alone speeding up the process of bail bond. While you may have the means to do everything yourself, hiring a bail bonds agency can significantly set the chains going into motion and take a lot of pressure off your mind.


If you are in need of a bail bonds in the Charlotte and surrounding areas, please contact Champion Bail Bonding as we are available to get you or a loved one out of jail and give you a peace of mind! Immediate bail bonds service, please call 704-900-6099!



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