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Hiring a Charlotte Bail Bonds Company During the Holidays

bail bonds during the holidays

The festive season is a long awaited holiday for most people. It means days off of work, reunion with family members and even round the clock parties and celebrations.
Although this season is mostly about making merry, it may see you on the wrong side of the law for one reason or the other.
If this happens to you in Charlotte North Carolina, you’d be better off hiring a bail bonds company. Studies show that people commonly find themselves in trouble with the law for five reasons.
#1 Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI)
Ever tried to reason or basically strike a meaningful conversation with a drunk person?
It is not only impossible sometimes but can be infuriating as well. When friends and family come together during the holidays, people are bound to enjoy a drink or two.
Before you know it, the whole place can be swamped with empty bottles. At the end of it all, someone may still need to get home or hit the club for some more merry making.
With reasoning and sense of judgment compromised, the chances of breaking a traffic rule increases, which could result in an arrest and imprisonment.
#2 Noise Pollution
What’s a New Year’s Eve without a party?
Hoping from one house to another may seem fun but it is important to keep in mind the neighborhood’s rules and regulations in regards to this.
Some of your neighbors may not be of the same religion as you hence not celebrating Christmas.
Others may still be on the working clock hence needing to wake up early for work. These groups of people will require some peace and quiet, especially during the night.
Studies show that noise pollution could lead not only to hearing loss but may lead to heart disease as well.
Blasting your roof off till the wee hours of the morning may get you arrested if an complaint is called against you. Although minor, this may have you behind bars.
#3 Destruction of Property
Although appealing, Christmas trees are stringed to 34% of injuries and deaths during the festive seasons. A fire may be triggered in your absence or in the middle of the night hence causing destruction of property or sadly, death.
A faulty wiring on a Christmas tree decoration is responsible for 1 death in 142 cases of reported home fires during the festive season.
#4 Theft
The festive season involves a lot of merry making which may be very expensive. Studies show that an average American spends $800+ during the festive season. This number houses; food, decor, holidays and gifts.
If not well prepared for, a person may find themselves with sticky fingers. What you’d saved up may not be enough to last you for a week hence desperation.
The food, drinks and holiday budget will demand a lot from you financially and with the pressure of self, spouse or kids, it is easy for one to feel the need to steal. It may be in a food store, neighbors house or even a host’s premises.
#5 Vehicular Manslaughter
Studies show that currently, drunk drivers are responsible for 40 percent of deaths from road accidents during the festive season.
The sad fact about this number is that it is an increase from last year. One person dies every 51 minutes to a drunk driver. This explains why the government is trying to stop drunk driving at all costs. In case the victim dies after a road accident, you will be charged with Vehicular Manslaughter. This is as serious as murder and you will need a bail bond company to come to your rescue.
Tips for Avoiding Arrest during the Festive Season
Although the festive season is mainly about merry making, you may need to follow some rules in order to avoid arrest:

  • Familiarize and abide by your neighborhood laws in regards to hosting parties.
  • Observe time and contain your guests as much as possible.
  • Prepare a budget before the festive season and stick to it. Whatever you have may seem little but shopping at the right places and for the right stuff may prove you wrong.


If you ever find yourself on the wrong side of the law in Charlotte, you may need the services of a bail bond company, such as Champion Bail Bonding.
Depending on the severity of your case, you may be required to pay bail or bond in order to be released back to your family as you await your hearing.
Since arrests are sudden and unplanned for, you may not have the money to pay up the amount set by the court.
A company like ours that issues bail bonds during the holidays will step in, pay your dues and secure your release. We charge a certain percentage as interest depending on the amount paid and are responsible for your return to court for your hearing.
Hiring Champion Bail Bonding during the holiday season in Charlotte NC to gain your peace and comfort back is a smart choice as we are reliable and fast in regards to setting your bond and getting you released from jail.
We understand that your freedom and presence with your loved ones during the festive season is important. Call us today 704-900-6099!


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