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8 Tips on How to Become a Bail Bondsman in NC


What Does it Take to Be a Bail Bondsman in NC?

how to become a bail bondsman in nc
If you live in North Carolina and aspire to become a bail bondsman, then you should be asking the question,how to be a bail bondsman in NC!

#1 Prerequisites for Becoming a Bail Bondsman in NC

Becoming a bail bondsman in NC presents fewer difficulties compared to other states. While the North Carolina Division of Insurance (NCDOI) handles the bail bonds industry, one particular layer of government you won’t have to get around is at the local level.
Once you have fulfilled the bail bondsman requirements in NC, you are very well on your way to provide bail bonds services to the local communities. Here are 8 essential steps to be taken for becoming a bail bondsman in NC.
To become a certified Bail Bondsman in NC, according to the North Carolina General Law §58- 71-50, a person must fulfill the following credentials:

  • Must be a resident of North Carolina for at least 6 consecutive months prior to applying for a bail bonds licenses.
  • Must be a minimum of 18 years of age.
  • Must have awareness, training, or experience of adequate duration and scope to deliver the proficient skills to match the responsibilities of a licensed bail bondsman in the state.
  • Must have at least a NC driver’s license or valid NC ID card from the division of Motor Vehicles.

Must Not

  • Must not have any felony convictions.
  • Must not have any bail bond commitments that are outstanding.
  • Must have no existing infractions of Article 71 of Section 58 of the North Carolina General Laws or of Article 26 of Section 15A of the North Carolina General Statutes.
  • Must not have been in any way disqualified under North Carolina law or other state to take part in the bail bonds business.
  • Must not have any misdemeanor drug violations within the last Two years.
  • Must not have been employed as a sheriff’s deputy or sheriff, parole or probation officer, Judicial attorney or other public personnel or as a law enforcement officer.


#2 Educational Qualification for a NC Bail Bondsman

You must have a high school diploma, degree, or something equivalent. However, a formal degree is not a necessity to become a licensed bail bondsman in NC.
If you are interested in getting a degree in this field, many people target a bachelor’s degree or associate degree in criminology, criminal justice or an associated field in order to better prepare for a profession as a bail bondsman.

#3 Registering and Undergoing Pre-Licensing Classes (PLE)

Before you submit an application for your bail bondsman licenses in NC, you should first successfully finish a 2-day pre-licensing training course.
Pre-licensing bail bondsman classes in NC are included at different times all year long and are on the website of NC Bail Agents Association.
In order to register for a PLE class, you must fill out a pre-licensing registration form.
You can make a certified check for $500 payable to NCBAA, to the address below:
Box NO. 19663
Raleigh, NC 27619
You can complete the registration online via ncbaa@nc.rr.
After you register, you will receive a confirmation letter verifying the time and date of your PLE class.

#4 Submitting Fingerprints and Background Check

All applicants looking to get their bail bonds licenses in NC must submit their fingerprints and criminal background check.
The background check needs to be submitted with a passport size photo. You will pay a processing fee that can be financed by a specialized bail bonds firm.
In order to finish the background check successfully, you will have to be clear of any significant financial issues and any felonies.
You will receive a reply from the North Carolina Licensing Management System via email which will include a demographic information form, applicants form, and a release of information form, which should be filled out completely to finish this process.
You must carry all these forms with you to your nearby law enforcement of which has live-scan electronic digital fingerprint service and receives your electronic fingerprints prior to taking the exam.
bail bondsman classes in nc

#5 Taking Exams and Passing Them

Examinations are administered by the Insurance Department assessment vendor, Pearson VUE. You must manage to get through this comprehensive pre-licensing test to get the certificate of completion.
The price for the bail bond exam is $56.50 and it is offered through Pearson VUE which has many test centers throughout the state including;

    • Asheville
    • Raleigh
    • Greenville
    • Statesville
    • Wilmington

You can find out more about to prepare for the test by reading through the Bail Bonds Candidate Guide and the Bail Bond Content Outline. If you fail the exam, you should wait a minimum of one year to retake the test.

#6 Applying for North Carolina Bail Bonds Licenses

Upon successful finishing the exam, you will be permitted to apply for the NC bail bondsman licenses. You should create an account via the North Carolina Insurance Department website, so that you can submit your online application for your initial licenses.
The amount for the preliminary bail bonds licenses in NC is $233 and is valid for one year. During this time period, you need to run your own business as a bail bondsman from a company address under the direction of a formerly licensed bondsman for the first 12 months.

#7 Applying for Professional NC Bail Bondsman Licenses

Once your 1st year is finished, your supervisory bail bondsman must provide notice about your successful completion of the preliminary licenses period to the commissioner.
This is when you should apply for the professional bail bondsman licenses via NC Insurance Department website and pay the $313 licenses fee.
After you have completed this, you can proceed to establishing your own workplace and employing your own employees.

#8 Renewing NC Bail Bondsman Licenses

You must renew your NC bail bondsman licenses on the 30th of June of all odd-numbered years. You have to submit a renewal application with a renewal fee of $40 with evidence of a minimum of 3 hours completion of a continuing education while renewing your licenses.
Pearson VUE deals with all of the renewals, and renewals are done online over the NC Licensing Management System after you get an authorization email from Pearson VUE.
You can expect to get a license’s renewal notice at least 60 days prior to your license’s expiration date.
According to the North Carolina Bail Agents Association, there are actually over 1,400 bail bond’s agents currently employed in the state.
Bail bonding is against the law in NC if you are not a licensed bail bondsman. A bail bondsman is not really a bounty hunter or private agent like we see on television or in the movies.
Becoming a bail bondsman in NC you have to be licensed via the North Carolina Insurance Department and cooperate closely with regional courts and law enforcement officials.

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